Why Linux

Why Linux is better :

Ten reasons to use Linux :

1. Open Source - Linux encourages open source in Software industry. A software should be free for all. "You are not using a software because you can't afford it", I think we should leave this idea for Real Estate.

2. Reliability - You can afford crashing because you are not driving here, it doesn't mean that you have to crash. Data loss is like losing your memory. You should prepare for this. Choose wisely your base, your OS.

3. Multi-user system - It looks like Orkut or Facebook brought the concept of social networking but when you'll analyze deeply you'll find that Unix had brought this concept years before. Several users can log in to Linux system simultaneously as well as single user can log to the system with multiple instances.

4. Security - You can't tie a German Shepherd with your data files. I am not saying other Operating systems are doing so but the problem is they are using similar methods. A traditional way to fight with new enemy, not very effective. You can find loopholes easily in their security. If you are connected to internet, you have to be careful about security.Linux is both more secure and less common than Windows based systems with the consequence that attacks on Linux systems occur less frequently than on Windows systems.

5. Super Speed - When we discuss what is fastest, indeed you will say 'speed of light'. but it is not about believing. You feel this when you use this. If you want to do experiment. Pick an older configuration and install Linux on it. Here you will see the live story of Tortoise & Rabbit but the difference is Rabbit does not fall asleep here and Tortoise never makes up to the fence.

6. No Viruses/Malwares/Spywares - It is not like that there are zero viruses for Linux or viruses don't attack on Linux because it is LINUX. But if you take a look at figures, you will find the comparison percentage is much much less for Linux. Generally maximum number of viruses are made for the system which executes exe files and Linux does not execute exe so chances are negligible. Hence Proved.

7. Software - There are unlimited Software which work better than your traditional OS Software. They are much more efficient as well useful and the biggest reason to use them... they are FREE. I meet the people who use Linux, if they have to use windows, they try to find the exe of their Linux Software to install on windows because they do not want to dump them. Another reason if you don't support Piracy, then Linux is for you. You can say proudly that you use Linux.

8. Customizable, Compatible & Adaptable - You can customize in your own way. If you are a developer I think you would not read up to point 9. You can make your own OS in your way. If you want be a geek there is no other supportive OS except Linux.
 Now days Android is becoming more popular than any other OS. The biggest reason it's portability. You can take Android with you in your pocket. Android is inspired from Linux or UNIX-LIKE OS.

9. Flavors - Using Linux is not like Jail's food. You don't need to eat same thing daily. If you like flavors, welcome to Linux. There are number of distributions of Linux. Each distribution with it's different flavor. If I would write about it, I  would make a separate blog for it. Although I have tried to list them. Click here.

10. Why do you want to know 10th reason. I know you are convinced.

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