Magento - No trailing slash appears after domain name

Magento - js/css/image files are not loading because no trailing slash appears after domain name

No trailing slash after domain makes all js/css/skin/media urls 404.

Solution :
Give trailing slash in domain name in column web/unsecure/base_url and web/secure/base_url of table  core_config_data.


Even if problem persists, login as admin.

Go to system > cache management
Flush all cache including 'flush magento cache' and 'flush cache storage'.

Now open site url. You should not get this issue.

Composer is getting stuck on installing dependencies

 php composer update stuck

Solution :

a) Download and Install updated composer

b) Use update command with verbose mode
composer -vvv update
It will display every single output and you will not be impatient.

ssh error - Agent admitted failure to sign using the key

Solution : 1

ssh login using command

SSH_AUTH_SOCK=0 ssh server-ip

Example : SSH_AUTH_SOCK=0 ssh username@192.168.0.xx

Solution : 2

Run Command
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