Install XAMPP using command line on Linux

Install XAMPP using command line on Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, RHEL

If you are installing xampp first time on your linux system then it is fine but if you have installed it before and there is directory lampp in your /opt. You should rename it first.
# mv /opt/lampp /opt/lampp_old
Now download xampp installer from here.
A file will be downloaded.
Suppose it is in directory Downloads.
Make the file executable.
# chmod a+x ~/Downloads/
Now run the file.
# cd ~/Downloads
# ./
It will open the wizard, now complete it to install xampp.


Now when you click on finish button, XAMPP's GUI interface will be appeared.

Now you can start/stop Apache & mysql using UI interface. Click on 'Manage servers' and you will be able to start/stop servers using buttons.

Open xampp in Browser

Open XAMPP control panel / GUI interface
Run following command in terminal
# cd /opt/lampp && sudo ./

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  1. This is a drag trying to install it on Debian. I can't do it. Booo.


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