Remove start up applications using command line

Remove/Delete Start up applications using command line :

When you want to run a command or a script automatically just after log-in, you create a start up application using Startup applications preferences. If you want to remove them, you use remove button, placed at bottom of the add button, to remove them.

But suppose you have created a application and because of some bad code, it is not able to let you reach on the desktop. You log-in and and your system is turned off automatically or you face any other similar problem.

Now you want to delete the command or the script from start up applications. But How?
You are not able to reach on Desktop.

Here is good news.
You can delete the application from command line.

You can reach on command line using recovery mode or you can press key combination ctrl+alt+f1 when log-in screen is appeared and it takes you on command line.

All startup applications are stored in the directory /root/.config/autostart.
If you are logged in as a user, you can find your all start up applications in /home/username/.config/autostart

Just reach to the directory using
# cd /root/.config/autostart or # cd /home/username/.config/autostart
list the applications using ls command and delete your corrupt application.

The file extension of the application is .desktop

Alternatively if you know the application name, you can delete it using
# rm /root/.config/autostart/application-name.desktop
# rm /home/username/.config/autostart/application-name.desktop

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