oDesk Screenshot Time Hack

We all want to know when oDesk is going to take next screenshot.

I am NOT going to tell you any illegal method or force you to install any software.
It is all about simple and easy calculation.
I can't tell you the exact time but you can judge it after reading this.

Here I want to share with you some facts about oDesk, may be you already know this but please read once more.

 In every hour, oDesk takes only 6 screenshots.

  Every screenshot is taken in 10 min time interval. 
   It means 00 minute to 09 minute, only one screenshot is taken.
   After that 10 min to 19 minute only one screen shot will be taken.

  If you do not understand above point, Let me explain you with an example.
  Suppose it is 10:00 am, Now between 10:00 am and 11:00 am, 
only six screenshots will be taken by odesk.
   If first screen shot is taken on 10:02, 
it means next 07 minutes (till 10:09), no screenshot  will be taken.
   The second screenshot will be taken between 10:10 and 10:19.
   The third screen shot will be taken between 10:20 and 10:29

 If your screenshot is taken on XX:00 min, 
now the next screen shot will be taken between XX:10 and XX:19.
 It means you have at least nine minutes to do some other work.
Screenshot will not be taken in these 9 minutes.

 It does not depend on your system clock. Do not change the time.

 To check oDesk's screenshot system, check work diary of oDesk. 
Now you will understand everything. click here

We are NOT able to know the exact time when the next screenshot will be taken, but we can know How long the next screenshot will NOT be taken.

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