XAMPP - wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64

If you have added an extension in your php.ini and you are getting this error while restarting XAMPP or running command  /opt/lampp/bin/php -v as well as as extension is not working, it means you are using 64 bit .so file(extension) in 32 bit XAMPP.

You can get this error while installing ioncube loader .so file, mongo.so file or in similar extension.

Download 32 bit version of .so file and put it in right place in xampp directory.
Mention it in php.ini file and Restart xampp .

Your extension should not be failed this time.

Browse files of Android mobile on ubuntu by bluetooth

To browse files of Android phone (memory card), you should have obex installed on your Ubuntu.
sudo apt-get install obexfs obexftp

Now you should have a server on your android phone. Install app "Bluetooth File Transfer" on your Android phone. When you open the app, it starts FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and OPP (object push profile) services on two different ports.

Start Bluetooh of android device and ubuntu and make both discoverable. Now mount your Android device on Ubuntu.
sudo obexfs -b android:device:id /mount/directory
Make sure mounted directory is empty.

To find your android device id, run command 
hcitool scan
Make sure your phone is discoverable and bluetooth is turned on.

Suppose your device id is 00:19:99:4c:68:12 and mounted directory on Ubuntu is /mnt/user.
Run command on ubuntu
sudo obexfs -b 00:19:99:4c:68:12 /mnt/user
Make sure you have started Bluetooth File Transfer app in your phone.

Now you can see all your memory card files in the directory /mnt/user.

I got maximum transfer speed 30 kbps from phone to system or vice versa. The only advantage I found, I need not carry USB cable and my Laptop usb port is not used in this process. Otherwise it is not useful for bigger transfer, sometimes it loses the connection and sometimes it is really annoying.

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