Show GUI alert boxes on remote host

Show popup/alert box on other system :

Sometime you want to give just a message to your colleague, you do not want reply. 

If you do not want to send messages on terminal or chat-box, you can use alert box to display the message but you should be able to log into your colleague's system.

ssh should be installed on both systems.
You should be able to log into your colleague's system.

Log into the Remote Host (your colleague's system) using ssh.
# ssh 192.168.xx.xx
where 192.168.xx.xx is IP of the Remote Host.
Run following command on his/her command line
# DISPLAY=:0 zenity --info --text="your-message-should-be-here"
If you want to give the title for the message box.
# DISPLAY=:0 zenity --title="your-title" --info --text="your-message-should-be-here"
If you would not use DISPLAY=:0 in your command, it would show a display error.
Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: 
If you open the display using -X in your ssh command like ssh -X 192.168.xx.xx and run the command without using  DISPLAY=:0, it opens the alert box but on your system. Your colleague would not be able to see this.
You have to set DISPLAY on remote host.

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