Connect XAMPP's mysql on Linux terminal

Access XAMPP's mysql on Linux command line :

If you want to operate xampp's mysql on Linux terminal, follow the procedure.

By default, if you run
# mysql
It tries to connect to default mysql of the system and unfortunately default mysql is not XAMPP's mysql.

To open the xampp's mysql prompt on terminal, Run following command.
# /opt/lampp/bin/mysql or # /opt/lampp/bin/mysql -u root or # /opt/lampp/bin/mysql -h localhost -u root -p Default Password is blank, just press enter key.
/opt/lampp/bin/mysql is the path of the mysql binary file of xampp.

If you want to run XAMPP's mysql using 
# mysql
You should follow these steps.

1) Stop xampp & copy file /opt/lampp/bin/mysql
2) Rename the file /usr/bin/mysql to /usr/bin/mysql_default
    If you haven't installed mysql on your system, you will not get the file.
3) Paste file  /opt/lampp/bin/mysql into /usr/bin
4) Now whenever you will run mysql on terminal, it will open XAMPP"s mysql prompt.

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