connect to the server using ssh

Log into the server using ssh

To connect to the server using ssh, ssh daemon (ssh server) should be installed on the server and ssh client should be installed on the client (from where you are connecting to the server)
For installation process, click here

Open terminal on the client and run following command.
$ ssh
where xxx.xx.xx.xx is IP address of the server/.
Example - $ ssh root@ 

It asks for server's root password. Now enter server's password and press return key, you have logged into the server's root account.

if you run 
$ ssh root@  or $ ssh
both are same thing. To log in to root's account, you do not need to mention root as a username. Username is necessary if you log into any user's account.

Suppose you want to log into John's account, Run
$ ssh john@
where john is username & is IP of the server

It asks for john's password. After submit password, you log into john's account.

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